Character Creation


Character creation will mostly be handled by me.  We'll talk about your character, I'll throw some pips onto the sheet, and away we'll roll.  I'll maintain your character sheets in my desktop app, and the latest versions will be pinned in a channel in Slack.


Make a character who has passed their Jedi Trials a few months previous.  The game will begin on the 4th mission your characters have undertaken together.  Your second mission together we will flesh out as a group to help establish character relationships.  Your first and third missions will be covered in flashbacks later.  

Questions to have answered

These are the questions you should have answered before we begin character creation.

What is your Order?

What is your Calling?

What is your character's overall goal in life?

Why did you choose to join the Jedi Council?

How did you discover you were Force sensitive?

What did you do before you joined the Council?

What did you do during your Journeyman period?

Character Creation

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